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Shoppers enjoy the Market the week of 8/26/2019

Week of 8/19/2019

Corn, tomatoes and peppers. These are the late-summer crops our customers ask for starting in July. Well-- after a cold, late spring, they're here!

Peppers and eggplants are also available, plus broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, beans, cucumbers, dill, beets, carrots, greens, onions, potatoes, garlic, summer squash, flowers and more. Shop early for the best selection.

It's time to make pesto! Catherine Conover of Stones Throw Farm will offer basil in bulk at the Cloquet Market Saturday, August 25, for $12 per pound (see the grocery bag above for the volume). You can also contact her for special orders.

Talk to individual vendors if you're interested in larger quantities of any vegetables for canning, pickling and freezing.

Week of 8/19/2019

Congratulations to Catherine Conover and Eldin Lindamood of Stones Throw Farm for recently achieving organic certification!

(At right): Kansas City BBQ brisket, with beef from Promised Land Farm, onion -garlic rye bread from Lonnie Mullenix, and mixed carrots and beans from Hay Creek Hill Century Farm.

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate National Farmers Market Week. And Congratulations to Val from the FDL tour group, who won our August drawing, which included maple syrup from John Gaus, chocolate cookies from Elizabeth Naglak, produce from Catherine Conover, Mike Little (garlic) and Gail Olson, elderflower lemonade concentrate from Darla Van Heerde (Pants Mary), and a hand-crocheted kitchen towel and dish cloth from Linda Revier.

National Farmers Market Week August 4 - 10!

The Carlton County Farmers Market will celebrate National Farmers Market week August 10th, 2019, at the Cloquet Saturday Market from 9 a.m. to 12 noon in front of Premiere Theatres, 904 Hwy 33 S.

Activities include a "Sample Saturday." Our farmers and artisans will offer samples of their products for you to enjoy.

Bring your kids for activities including a Farmers Market chalk mural, a bubble station, scavenger hunt and a memory game all based on Farmers Market products.

At the Market (week of 8/5/2019)

Potatoes, broccoli, (some) tomatoes, cauliflower, peas, cucumbers, green beans, garlic, carrots, beets, zucchinis, cabbages, kale and other greens, eggplants, shiitake mushrooms, celery, herbs and more.

We have been selling out lately, so get to the market early for the best choices.

Promised Land corn-free chicken breast with garlic scape pesto, roasted turnips, snow peas, and caraway-rye bread from Bread in the Meadow

Week of July 22, 2019

CCFM president Mike Little hilling potatoes

Darla van Heerde white currant jelly

Week of July 15, 2019

Ken Jorgenson of Leaning Barn Farm says he has a "boatload" of shiitake mushrooms, and he will bring them to the Cloquet market Saturday, July 20. You can't get them this fresh unless you grow them yourself!

In addition to the shiitake mushrooms--snap & snow peas, beets, carrots, salad and hearty cooking greens, kohlrabi, turnips, garlic scapes, herbs and more produce are all showing up at the market.

Promised Land Farm, by customer request, has raised corn-free chickens, and they are available now at both markets. If you're one of the customers who asked for them, this is the time to get yours and/or reserve more for the future. Promised Land is also working on developing a diet to raise soy-free non-GMO chickens.

Also on Saturday, July 20 in Cloquet, Jodie White of the Minnesota Reading Corps will visit the market to talk about becoming a reading tutor in area schools. Tutors are especially needed in Wrenshall and Barnum. Stipends and educational benefits are available. Make a difference in children's lives by helping them improve their reading skills!

Meals from the market

Massaged kale salad with mixed lettuces, sweet tahini dressing, and pine nuts. Find the recipe in the monthly column written by Catherine Conover of Stones Throw Farm, in the June Pine Knot.

Meals from the Market (week of July 8, 2019)

New Zealand and Australia are proud of their lamb. New Zealand has more sheep on its two islands than people, and Australia is home to 39,000 sheep farms. I've eaten lamb in both countries, and I can truly say that the best lamb I ever tasted was raised right here in Carlton County, Minnesota. It was raised by Rob and Lori Gamble of Promised Land Farm, who sell their pastured meat at the Carlton and Cloquet Markets.

Promised Land Farm raises Ile de France sheep, a French dual-purpose breed known for its fine wool and culinary quality. It's completely grass fed (without hormones or antibiotics) and processed in a USDA -inspected facility at 6-11 months of age, approximately the same age that pork is processed.

One of my favorite projects is to invent a meal from the local, seasonal products I find at the Farmers Market. On Saturday evening, I started with ground lamb from Promised Land Farm. Lamb seems to have a magical affinity for summer herbs like dill and mint, so I used both in kofte, which is basically a meatball mix formed onto a skewer and grilled. Slices of radish, turnip, and kohlrabi tossed with mixed greens available from several vendors made a summery salad, and I tossed more dill and mint into the accompanying yogurt-tahini dressing. Fresh, delicious and satisfying. Have fun creating your own market meals. ---Gail Olson for the CCFM

June Market Notes (week of 6/24/2019):

Thanks to the intrepid vendors and customers who ventured out in the rain squalls for Tuesday's market in Carlton. Our farms appreciate the rain even though we vendors may have ended up a bit damp.

Lonnie Mullenix brought an extraordinary cheddar-jalapeno bread (see left), baked in English Mason Cash ovenware for a golden crust and moist interior. ($8 for a hefty loaf.) It's a perfect accompaniment to a breakfast scramble made with Promised Land eggs, spinach and cilantro from Hay Creek Hill Century Farm, and scallions from Stones Throw Farm.

Fresh lettuce, spinach, kale, asparagus, radishes and rhubarb are in season at the market. You will find lettuces here that aren't available in any stores--gorgeous, fresh heads of butter and romaine, heirloom leaf lettuces, and creative mixes that will help you create salads that taste like the essence of Midsummer.

We also welcomed Ferndale Farm products to Carlton. They specialize in flower, vegetable and herb transplants. One of their beautiful phloxes (see left) will find a home in my perennial garden (and attract Sphinx moths!)

for the Market--Gail Olson

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