Rules of the CCFM

The Carlton County Farmers Market is operated by the Board of Directors for the Association.

The Board will be the arbitrator of disputes.

I. Sales and Products

A. Who may sell?

1. New vendors must obtain a permit to sell seven days prior to the market. Each new member will be given a copy of the market rules.

2. Vendors must live within 50 miles of the market.

B. What may be sold?

1. Sellers must make or grow what they sell. Products must be of good quality (no resale items).

2. Baked goods, jams and jellies have to meet Minnesota state guidelines. The seller must post a visible sign that states, “These products are homemade and not subject to state inspection.” The seller’s name and address needs to be on the sign or product.

3. Items that can be sold are as follows:

    • Breads, cookies and rolls
    • Fruit pies provided that milk and eggs are not used (pies made with milk and/or eggs cannot be sold at the market)
    • Fruit jams and jellies
    • Pickles, vegetables or fruits with pH value of 4.6 or lower.

Sale of these products are governed by the “Cottage Food Law” defined in M.S.28A152. the Cottage Foods Exemption. Requirements for this MN Statute may be found on the MN Farmers Market Association website at or the MN Dept. of Agriculture.

II. Membership

A. Membership fees

1. Annual membership is $30.00 for the year, plus an additional market fee of $10.00 for each market. The membership fee covers all members of your immediate family. CCFM membership year begins June 1st and ends May 31st of the next calendar year

2. There is a daily set up fee of $2.00 for each market after the first time you set up. Any time that three or fewer members set up, no daily fee will be charged.

III. Market Operation

A. Market set-up

1. One space per membership with a maximum space width of 16 feet.

2. Tables and canopies are supplied by the seller and must fit in the space limits. They must not extend into the walkways.

3. The selling space must be cleaned by the vendor after use.

4. Walkways between the spaces must be kept open.

5. Selling is allowed only in designated areas.

6. Only one vehicle per space is allowed.

7. Signs for advertising and pricing can be no larger than 16”x20”.

8. No part of the market can be used for overnight storage.

9. Each member must display their name and address.

10. Individual sampling by vendors is not permitted. Market-sponsored educational demonstrations that follow MDA guidelines are permitted.

B. Market Hours and Locations

1. The Cloquet market is open Saturday mornings 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. in the parking lot of Premiere Theatres, 904 Hwy 33 S.

2. The Carlton Market is open Tuesdays 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. at the Four Seasons Sports Complex, 90 Chestnut Avenue.

3. Set-up begins one hour prior to Market opening. Shoppers are permitted to shop during set-up.

IV. Violation of Rules

A. Open and wanton disregard for these rules can result in immediate expulsion from the market.

1. Expulsion can be appealed to the Board of Directors.

V. Voting

A. One vote per membership

1. No absentee votes.

VI. Board of Directors.

A. The goal of the CCFM Board of Directors is to facilitate the efficient operation of the CCFM.

1. The board of directors will consist of up to 9 but not less than 5 members.

2. No two members of the same family can be officers or on the Board together.

3. The officers will be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Market Manager, and Publicity Chairperson. These officers comprise the Board of Directors and serve one-year terms after being elected at the Annual meeting each year. 4. To hold an office or board position, a person must attend four or more market days a year.

VII. Annual Meeting

Semi-Annual meetings will be held in April of each year and a fall meeting in October, at the conclusion of the season, at a place and time decided by the Board.

VIII. Amendments

Changes to these CCFM rules can be made by a majority vote of the membership at an Association meeting.

REVISED April 2016